Are underglazes food safe?

Underglazes are generally not considered food safe on their own due to their composition and firing characteristics. However, they can be used in conjunction with a food-safe glaze to create decorative surfaces on pottery that can be used for food and drink.

Underglaze Application

Underglazes are often applied to ceramic pieces before the application of a clear, food-safe glaze. The glaze creates a barrier that seals the underglaze and prevents direct contact between the decoration and food or beverages.

Food Safety Standards

When using underglazes for functional pottery, it’s important to choose a glaze that has been certified as food safe and complies with safety standards for dinnerware. Proper firing schedules and kiln temperatures are also critical to ensuring the final piece is safe for food use.

Testing and Certification

If you plan to create functional pottery with underglazes, consider having your finished pieces tested for food safety by a reputable laboratory to ensure they meet the necessary standards.


While underglazes themselves are not inherently food safe, they can be used in combination with food-safe glazes to create functional pottery that is safe for everyday use.

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