Can I cool polymer clay in the fridge?

While it’s possible to use a refrigerator to cool polymer clay, it’s important to do so with caution and under controlled conditions. Rapid temperature changes can affect the curing process and the quality of your polymer clay creations.

Considerations for cooling polymer clay in the fridge:

  • Gradual Cooling: If you choose to cool polymer clay in the fridge, allow it to reach room temperature before baking. Rapid temperature changes can lead to cracking or distortion.
  • Storage: Store your polymer clay in an airtight container or plastic wrap to prevent moisture absorption during cooling.
  • Baking: After cooling, follow the recommended baking instructions for your specific brand and type of polymer clay to ensure proper curing.
  • Alternatives: It’s generally safer to cool polymer clay at room temperature or use a fan to accelerate cooling without drastic temperature changes.

Remember that proper handling, conditioning, and baking techniques play a crucial role in achieving the best results with polymer clay.

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