Can I skip the bisque firing?

The bisque firing is a crucial step in the ceramic process that should not be skipped, as it prepares the clay for glazing and the final firing.

Moisture Removal

The bisque firing removes residual moisture from the clay, preventing steam and gases from forming within the clay during the glaze firing.

Physical Changes

The bisque firing chemically transforms the clay, making it more porous and less prone to cracking during the glaze firing.

Glaze Adhesion

Glaze adheres better to bisque-fired clay, as the porous surface provides a textured structure for the glaze to grip onto.

Structural Integrity

The bisque firing strengthens the clay and reduces its overall fragility, ensuring that the piece can withstand the handling and stress of glazing and firing.


Skipping the bisque firing can lead to a variety of issues and compromises the quality and durability of the finished ceramic piece. It’s an essential step in the ceramic process that should not be omitted.

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