Can polymer clay dry naturally?

Polymer clay does not air dry like traditional clays; it requires baking to undergo a chemical curing process and transform from a pliable state to a solid form. Unlike natural clays that dry by moisture evaporation, polymer clay relies on controlled heat to achieve its final hardness.

When polymer clay is baked:

  • It Cures: Baking polymer clay at the recommended temperature and time causes the plastic particles and plasticizers within the clay to bond, resulting in a strong and durable material.
  • No Evaporation: Polymer clay does not lose moisture during baking; instead, it experiences chemical changes that create a solid structure.

Attempting to air dry polymer clay will not result in the desired outcome and can lead to brittle or unsatisfactory pieces. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for baking to ensure proper curing and the best results for your polymer clay projects.

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