Can you dry brush with underglaze?

Dry brushing is a technique commonly used with underglaze to create subtle and controlled layers of color and texture on the surface of ceramic pieces.


In dry brushing, a small amount of underglaze is applied to a dry brush, and then most of the underglaze is wiped off the brush onto a paper towel or similar surface. The remaining pigment is lightly brushed onto the clay surface.


Dry brushing creates delicate lines, highlights, and textured effects on the clay surface. It is particularly effective for accentuating details and creating a weathered or aged appearance.


You can layer dry brushed underglaze to build up color intensity and depth, allowing you to achieve a range of effects.


Dry brushing with underglaze is a versatile technique that adds visual interest and texture to your ceramic pieces, making it a valuable tool for your artistic toolbox.

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