Can you mix polymer clay with water?

While polymer clay is primarily water-free and designed to be baked to a solid state, small amounts of water can be used in certain situations for specific effects or techniques. However, it’s important to exercise caution and follow guidelines to ensure the best results.

Using Water with Polymer Clay

Water can be used with polymer clay for the following purposes:

  • Conditioning: In some cases, a tiny amount of water can be added to very dry or crumbly polymer clay to aid in the conditioning process. However, this should be done sparingly to avoid over-softening the clay.
  • Texture and Effects: Water can be used to create unique textures or effects on the surface of polymer clay. For example, water can be brushed onto the clay and then textured to achieve interesting patterns.
  • Adhesion: Water can act as a temporary adhesive to help bond two pieces of polymer clay together before baking.


When using water with polymer clay:

  • Use water sparingly to avoid over-softening the clay, which can affect its structural integrity.
  • Do not mix large amounts of water with polymer clay, as this can lead to degradation and instability.
  • Be cautious when adding water to polymer clay before baking, as excessive moisture can cause cracking or distortion during the baking process.

Experimenting with water and polymer clay can yield interesting and creative results, but it’s important to approach this technique with care and moderation.

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