Can you mix underglaze into clay?

While it is possible to mix underglaze into clay, it’s important to consider the effects and limitations of this technique.

Color and Uniformity

Mixing underglaze into clay can result in a consistent color throughout the clay body. However, the color achieved may be different from the original underglaze color due to the interaction with the clay and the firing process.

Application and Firing

Applying clay mixed with underglaze can be more challenging than using traditional underglaze. The mixture may have a different texture and may not adhere as smoothly to the clay surface.


Before mixing underglaze into clay, it’s recommended to test the compatibility of the underglaze with the clay body and the firing temperature. Additionally, the results may vary depending on the type of clay and underglaze used.


Mixing underglaze into clay can offer unique effects, but artists should be prepared to experiment and test the technique to achieve the desired results.

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