Can you mix underglaze with water?

Yes, you can mix underglaze with water to achieve different consistencies and effects for your ceramic projects. Mixing underglaze with water offers several benefits and allows you to explore various application techniques.

Thinning Underglaze

Adding water to underglaze can thin the consistency, making it easier to apply using techniques such as brushing, spraying, or dipping. Thinned underglaze can create translucent washes and delicate color transitions.

Brushing and Detailing

Mixing underglaze with water is especially useful for brushwork and detailed designs. Thinned underglaze flows smoothly from the brush, enabling intricate line work and fine details.

Layering and Blending

Water-mixed underglaze can be layered and blended to create unique color combinations and painterly effects. Gradual drying of layers allows for controlled blending on the surface.


When mixing underglaze with water, it’s important to use distilled water or water specifically formulated for ceramics to prevent contamination or unwanted reactions.


Experimenting with the consistency of underglaze by mixing it with water opens up a range of creative possibilities for achieving different visual effects and textures in your ceramic artwork.

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