Can you sponge on underglaze?

Sponging on underglaze is a creative technique that allows you to achieve textured and layered effects on the surface of your ceramic pieces.


To sponge on underglaze, apply a small amount of underglaze to a damp sponge and then gently dab or rub the sponge onto the clay surface. This transfers the underglaze and creates a unique texture.

Texture and Depth

Sponging on underglaze can mimic the appearance of natural textures, such as stone or fabric, and add depth to your design.


You can layer different colors of underglaze using the sponge-on technique to create intricate and visually appealing surfaces.


Sponging on underglaze is an effective way to add texture and depth to your ceramic pieces, enabling you to achieve distinctive and captivating results.

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