Can you use underglaze without glaze?

While it is possible to use underglaze without applying a glaze over it, there are important considerations to keep in mind regarding functionality and surface protection.

Surface Durability

Underglaze alone does not provide the same level of durability, resistance to wear, and water-tightness as glaze. It can be susceptible to scratching and fading.

Decorative Pieces

For decorative pieces that won’t come into contact with food or liquids, using underglaze without glaze may be acceptable, especially if the piece will be displayed indoors.

Functional Pottery

If you intend to use the piece for functional purposes, it’s recommended to apply a clear glaze over the underglaze to create a protective and food-safe surface.


While underglaze can be used without glaze for certain decorative pieces, applying a glaze layer provides important benefits in terms of durability, functionality, and surface protection.

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