Can you wipe off glaze before firing?

In most cases, it is not recommended to wipe off glaze from a piece before firing, as glaze is designed to melt and fuse with the clay body during firing to create a durable and glass-like surface.

Pre-Firing Adjustments

If you have applied glaze and are unhappy with the results, it’s generally better to make adjustments before the firing process. This can include applying additional layers of glaze or modifying your glaze application technique.

Post-Firing Corrections

If the glaze has been fired and the results are unsatisfactory, you can consider making corrections after firing. This may involve sanding, refiring with a different glaze, or adding additional decorative elements.


Wiping off glaze before firing can disturb the application and potentially create an uneven surface. Additionally, attempting to wipe off glaze from an unfired piece can lead to damage or distortion of the clay.


While it’s generally not recommended to wipe off glaze before firing, there are alternative approaches to address glaze-related concerns both before and after the firing process.

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