Do you need to fire after underglaze?

Yes, firing is a necessary step after applying underglaze to a clay surface. Underglaze is formulated to be fired at specific temperatures to achieve its desired color, durability, and adhesion.

Understanding Firing

Underglaze needs to undergo a firing process to bond with the clay and achieve its permanent color and finish. The firing process also ensures that the underglaze becomes durable and suitable for functional or decorative use.

Firing Temperature

The firing temperature for underglaze depends on the specific product and manufacturer. It’s important to follow the recommended firing temperature provided by the manufacturer to achieve the best results.

Glazing and Additional Firings

If you plan to glaze the piece, you would typically apply the glaze after the underglaze has been fired. This may require an additional firing to melt and fuse the glaze onto the clay surface.


After applying underglaze, firing is an essential step to fully develop the color, adhesion, and durability of the decoration on your ceramic piece.

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