Do you paint polymer clay before or after baking?

Painting polymer clay is a creative way to add color and details to your creations. Whether you should paint before or after baking depends on the type of paint you are using and your desired outcome.

Painting before baking:

  • Acrylic Paints: Water-based acrylic paints can be applied to raw polymer clay before baking. They will become permanent after baking.
  • Soft Pastels: Soft pastels can be applied as a dry powder to achieve shading and color effects on unbaked clay.

Painting after baking:

  • Oil-Based Paints: Oil paints or oil-based pencils can be used to paint cured polymer clay. They can provide a rich and vibrant finish.
  • Permanent Markers: Permanent markers can be used for fine details and intricate designs on baked polymer clay.

It’s important to consider the compatibility of your chosen paint with polymer clay and the effect you want to achieve. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for both the clay and the paint.

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