Does FIMO harden in air?

FIMO clay, a popular brand of polymer clay, is known for its ability to harden and become durable after baking. Unlike some other types of clay, FIMO clay does not harden significantly through exposure to air alone.

Baking Process

The hardening of FIMO clay is achieved through the baking process:

  • FIMO clay contains plasticizers that make it soft and pliable for shaping and molding.
  • When baked at the recommended temperature, the plasticizers evaporate, and the polymer particles within the clay form cross-links.
  • This chemical reaction results in the creation of a solid and rigid structure, giving FIMO clay its hardness and durability.

Proper Baking

For the best results in achieving hardness and strength with FIMO clay:

  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the recommended baking temperature and time.
  • Ensure even and thorough baking to prevent any areas of the clay from remaining soft or undercured.
  • Cool the baked FIMO clay completely before handling or using it to preserve its integrity.

While FIMO clay does not harden in the air, proper baking techniques will ensure that your FIMO clay creations achieve the desired level of hardness for your artistic projects.

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