Does polymer clay shrink when it dries?

No, polymer clay does not shrink when it dries. Unlike traditional air-dry clays or natural clays that undergo shrinkage as they lose moisture, polymer clay undergoes a chemical curing process during baking that does not involve water evaporation.

When polymer clay is baked:

  • It Hardens: The plastic particles and plasticizers within the clay bond together, creating a solid and durable structure.
  • It Retains Size: Polymer clay maintains its original size and shape after baking, without significant shrinkage or distortion.
  • It May Darken: Some brands and colors of polymer clay may darken slightly during baking, but this is not due to shrinkage.

Keep in mind that while polymer clay does not shrink, it can be affected by temperature and handling. Properly baked polymer clay remains stable and should not experience any significant changes in size over time.

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