How do you fix glaze crawling?

Glaze crawling is a common issue in ceramics where the glaze retracts and pulls away from the clay surface during firing, leaving bare patches. To fix glaze crawling and achieve a smooth, even glaze application, consider the following steps:

Surface Preparation

Ensure that the clay surface is clean, dry, and free from dust, oils, or contaminants before applying glaze. Proper surface preparation helps the glaze adhere more effectively.

Glaze Application

Apply the glaze in thin, even coats using a suitable method such as brushing, dipping, or spraying. Avoid excessive thickness, which can contribute to crawling.

Glaze Formulation

Adjust the glaze recipe if necessary. Adding a small amount of clay or a suspension agent to the glaze can improve its adhesion to the clay surface.

Glaze Compatibility

Ensure that the glaze is compatible with the clay body and firing temperature. Mismatched coefficients of thermal expansion can lead to crawling.

Firing Schedule

Follow the recommended firing schedule for the glaze. Gradual heating and cooling can help minimize the risk of crawling.


If crawling persists, you can try refiring the piece with a slightly adjusted glaze application or firing schedule.


Addressing glaze crawling involves a combination of proper preparation, application, formulation, and firing techniques to achieve a flawless glaze surface on your ceramics.

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