Is polymer clay reusable?

Yes, polymer clay is reusable, making it a versatile and economical material for creative projects. Unused or leftover polymer clay can be saved, stored, and reused for future crafting endeavors.

Preserving Unused Clay

To keep polymer clay reusable and in good condition:

  • Wrap unused clay tightly in plastic wrap or a resealable plastic bag to prevent air exposure and drying.
  • Store wrapped clay in an airtight container to further protect it from air and humidity.
  • Keep different colors of clay separate to prevent color mixing.
  • Label containers with the color and date to keep track of the clay’s age.

Reconditioning and Mixing

If your stored polymer clay becomes slightly dry or crumbly over time, you can recondition it for reuse:

  • Knead the clay thoroughly to soften it.
  • Add a small amount of clay softener or mineral oil if needed to restore pliability.
  • If working with different colors, knead the clay until the colors are fully blended to achieve a consistent shade.


While polymer clay is reusable, keep in mind:

  • Repeated reconditioning can alter the clay’s texture and properties over time.
  • Contaminants like dirt, dust, or lint can become embedded in the clay and affect its appearance and quality.

By properly storing, reconditioning, and using good hygiene practices, you can maximize the reusability of polymer clay and make the most of your crafting supplies.

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