Is underglaze better than glaze?

Underglaze and glaze serve different purposes in ceramics, and their “better” option depends on the desired effect and the specific application.


Underglaze is primarily used for decoration and color on clay surfaces. It offers intricate detailing, vibrant colors, and precise control over designs. Underglazes are typically applied before the final glaze firing.


Glaze provides a protective and often glossy finish to ceramic pieces. It seals the clay surface, making it impermeable and functional for holding liquids. Glazes can also enhance the visual appeal of ceramics with a range of colors, textures, and effects.


Many ceramic artists use both underglaze and glaze to achieve the desired results. Underglaze can be applied for decoration, and glaze can be added for functional and aesthetic purposes.


Neither underglaze nor glaze is inherently better than the other; each serves a unique purpose in ceramics and offers different artistic possibilities.

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