Is underglaze just colored slip?

Underglaze and colored slip are related ceramic materials, but they have distinct differences in terms of composition, application, and firing.


Underglaze is a ceramic colorant that typically contains pigments, ceramic minerals, and binders. It is formulated to adhere well to clay surfaces and withstand the firing process.

Colored Slip

Colored slip is a mixture of clay and water with added pigments or colorants. It is often used for surface decoration, but it may not have the same firing characteristics or durability as underglaze.

Application and Firing

Underglaze is designed to be applied to clay surfaces before glazing and firing. Colored slip can be applied in a similar manner, but it may require different firing conditions to achieve the desired results.


While underglaze and colored slip share similarities, underglaze is specifically formulated for ceramic applications and firing, offering artists greater control and predictability in achieving vibrant and lasting color on clay surfaces.

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