Is underglaze shiny or matte?

Underglaze can come in both shiny and matte finishes, depending on the type and brand of underglaze used and the firing temperature.

Matte Underglaze

Some underglazes are formulated to produce a matte finish after firing. Matte underglazes do not have a glossy shine and instead have a more muted and velvety appearance.

Glossy Underglaze

Other underglazes, often referred to as “clear” underglazes, can create a glossy and shiny finish after firing. These underglazes are designed to mimic the appearance of glaze and can add a lustrous quality to the surface of the clay.

Application and Firing

The finish of underglaze can also be influenced by the firing temperature. Some underglazes may appear matte at lower temperatures but develop a glossy sheen when fired at higher temperatures.


Whether shiny or matte, underglazes offer artists the flexibility to achieve a range of surface finishes and effects on their clay creations.

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