What do you put on polymer clay to make it shiny?

Creating a glossy finish on polymer clay pieces can enhance their appearance and bring out their colors and details. To achieve a shiny surface on your polymer clay creations, you can use various products and techniques.

Options for adding shine to polymer clay:

  • Clear Varnish: Apply a clear, water-based varnish or sealant designed for polymer clay. Brush or dip the piece for a glossy finish.
  • Liquid Polymer Clay: Liquid polymer clay can be baked onto the surface to create a shiny, smooth layer.
  • Resin: Clear epoxy resin can provide a high-gloss finish when applied and properly cured.
  • Buffing: Use a soft cloth or buffing wheel to gently buff the polymer clay surface for a subtle shine.

Before applying any shine-enhancing product, ensure your polymer clay piece is clean and free of dust or debris. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the chosen product to achieve the desired level of shine.

Adding a shiny finish can give your polymer clay creations a polished and professional appearance.

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