What happens if dry air dry clay gets wet?

Air dry clay is a popular crafting material that hardens as it dries in the air, eliminating the need for baking. While it becomes solid once dry, exposing dry air dry clay to water or moisture can have certain effects.

Rehydration and Softening

If dry air dry clay gets wet:

  • The clay may rehydrate and soften, returning to a malleable state similar to when it was fresh.
  • Excessive moisture can cause the clay to become overly soft and difficult to work with.
  • The texture and consistency of the clay may change, affecting its original shape and structure.

Preventing Exposure to Water

To maintain the integrity of your dry air dry clay creations:

  • Avoid exposing them to water, rain, or excessive humidity.
  • Store your finished creations in a dry and protected environment.
  • If your dry air dry clay creation accidentally gets wet, allow it to air dry again. The rehydration process may cause slight changes in texture and appearance.

Sealing and Protecting

If you want to use air dry clay creations outdoors or in humid environments, consider sealing them with a protective sealant or varnish designed for air dry clay. This can help prevent moisture absorption and maintain the integrity of your creations.

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