What happens if you put glaze over underglaze?

Putting glaze over underglaze is a common technique in ceramics that can produce beautiful and intricate results.

Surface Decoration

Applying underglaze designs to a clay surface and then covering them with glaze can create visually captivating effects with contrasting colors and textures.

Protective Layer

Glaze acts as a protective layer over the underglaze, preserving the design and providing a glossy or matte finish.

Interaction and Firing

The interaction between the underglaze and glaze can lead to unique outcomes, as the glaze may flow and interact with the underglaze during firing, producing variations in color and texture.

Testing and Experimentation

As with any ceramic technique, it’s important to test and experiment with different underglaze and glaze combinations to achieve the desired results.


Layering glaze over underglaze is a versatile and creative method that allows artists to add depth, complexity, and visual interest to their ceramic pieces.

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