What happens to air dry clay if it gets wet?

Air dry clay is a versatile crafting material that hardens as it dries in the air. However, if air dry clay gets wet after it has fully dried, it can undergo changes that may affect its appearance and structural integrity.

Rehydration and Softening

When air dry clay gets wet after drying:

  • The clay may rehydrate and become soft and pliable again, similar to its original state.
  • Excessive moisture can cause the clay to become too soft, making it difficult to maintain its shape or structure.
  • The wet clay may lose some of its original texture and detail.

Preventing Exposure to Water

To preserve your air dry clay creations:

  • Avoid exposing them to water, rain, or moisture, especially if they are intended for decorative or artistic purposes.
  • Store your finished creations in a dry and protected environment to prevent accidental exposure to water.
  • If your air dry clay creation does get wet, allow it to dry naturally. Note that the rehydration process may cause slight changes in texture and appearance.

Protective Measures

If you plan to use air dry clay creations outdoors or in humid environments, consider sealing them with a waterproof sealant or varnish. This can help minimize moisture absorption and preserve the quality of your creations.

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