What makes polymer clay earrings shiny?

Air dry clay is specifically formulated to dry and harden at room temperature without the need for baking. Putting air dry clay in the oven can have undesirable consequences and is not recommended.

Effects of baking air dry clay:

  • Cracking: Air dry clay is designed to dry slowly to prevent cracking. Baking it can cause the moisture to evaporate too quickly, leading to cracks and deformities.
  • Color Changes: Baking air dry clay may result in changes to the clay’s color and texture, affecting the final appearance of your creation.
  • Brittleness: Overheating air dry clay can make it overly brittle and prone to breakage.
  • Fumes: Some air dry clays may release harmful fumes when heated, posing risks to your health and safety.

If you want to strengthen or seal your air dry clay creations, it’s best to use appropriate sealants or coatings designed for air dry clay rather than attempting to bake them.

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