What softens polymer clay?

Polymer clay can become firm or dry over time, making it necessary to soften it before working on your crafting projects. There are several effective methods to soften polymer clay and restore its pliability.

Common methods for softening polymer clay:

  • Kneading: Kneading the clay by hand warms it up and softens it by distributing heat and moisture.
  • Conditioning Machine: A clay conditioning machine or pasta roller can help flatten and knead the clay to achieve a soft and workable texture.
  • Clay Softener: Commercial clay softeners or mineral oil can be added to the clay to restore its flexibility.
  • Heat: Gently warming the clay in your hands or using a hair dryer on low heat can soften it, but avoid excessive heat to prevent over-softening or melting.

It’s important to avoid using water to soften polymer clay, as water can negatively affect the clay’s consistency and baking results. Choose a method that works best for your needs and follow proper techniques to ensure the clay is soft and ready for your creative projects.

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