Why did my polymer clay burn?

Experiencing burnt polymer clay can be frustrating, and there are several factors that could contribute to this issue during the baking process.

Possible reasons for polymer clay burning:

  • High Temperature: Baking the clay at a temperature that exceeds the recommended range can cause burning, discoloration, and even toxic fume release.
  • Overbaking: Prolonged baking beyond the recommended time can lead to overcooked and scorched clay, resulting in brittle and discolored creations.
  • Thin Sections: Thin or delicate areas of the clay are more susceptible to burning due to their reduced mass and exposure to heat.
  • Oven Hot Spots: Uneven heating within the oven can cause localized burning on the surface of the clay.

It’s crucial to carefully follow the manufacturer’s baking instructions, use an oven thermometer to monitor temperature, and avoid overbaking your polymer clay to prevent burning.

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