Why use an underglaze?

An underglaze is a type of ceramic colorant applied to clay before the application of a transparent or semi-transparent glaze. Underglazes offer artists and potters a range of benefits and creative possibilities.

Enhanced Decoration

Underglazes provide vibrant and detailed decoration to clay surfaces. They can be used to paint intricate designs, patterns, or images onto pottery.

Layering and Depth

By applying underglazes in layers, artists can achieve depth and dimension in their designs. Different colors can be layered to create unique and visually captivating effects.

Glaze Compatibility

Using underglazes beneath a clear or translucent glaze allows the colors to show through while benefiting from the protective and glossy finish of the glaze.

Control and Precision

Underglazes can be applied with brushes, sponges, or other tools, enabling artists to exercise precise control over their designs and achieve fine details.


Underglazes are a versatile tool that opens up a world of creative opportunities for artists and potters, allowing them to decorate and personalize their ceramic pieces with stunning and intricate designs.

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