Will polymer clay stick to metal?

Polymer clay is a versatile material that can bond well to various surfaces, including metal. Whether you’re creating jewelry, decor, or other projects, combining polymer clay with metal elements can result in stunning and durable designs.

Preparation of Metal

Before attaching polymer clay to metal, it’s important to prepare the metal surface. Clean the metal to remove any oils, dirt, or residue that might hinder the bonding process.

Adhesion Techniques

There are different techniques you can use to ensure a strong bond between polymer clay and metal:

  • Apply a thin layer of liquid polymer clay as an adhesive between the clay and metal.
  • Create textured surfaces on the metal for the clay to grip onto.
  • Bake the clay and metal together, ensuring proper curing.

Design Considerations

When incorporating polymer clay and metal, consider the weight and balance of your design. Ensure that the adhesive and bonding techniques you use provide a secure and long-lasting attachment.


With proper preparation and adhesion techniques, polymer clay can adhere well to metal surfaces. Combining these two materials allows you to explore endless creative possibilities and craft unique and captivating pieces.

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