Polymer clay necklace ideas

In this article, we present you beautiful polymer clay necklace ideas that everyone can make. You don’t have to be an expert in modeling, our polymer clay necklace ideas are available even for beginners!

The more original your ideas of polymer clay necklaces look, the more exquisite the creation will be for its owner. This is why the work should always be done with high quality.

There are special techniques for mixing shades of clay, in which polymer clay necklace ideas will look more attractive. By mixing the plastic material in color, rolled them into tubes and clayed together, you can get a unique and very beautiful pattern, like a kaleidoscope. Next, simply implement the ideas of polymer clay necklaces, cut up a bar as you can think of. After drying, the elements will look original and very unusual. The only thing left to do is to staple a few pieces together and the necklace will be ready.

As another idea for a polymer clay necklace, you can make beautiful beads in the same kaleidoscope technique. The beads can be large or small, round, oval or even square. In any case, such polymer clay necklace ideas, with the right combination of shades, look just great.

So, we have told you what polymer clay necklace ideas you can make yourself, and for examples – give you a photo with other ideas!


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