Can you bake polymer clay with a hair dryer?

Baking polymer clay typically requires the use of an oven to achieve proper curing. While a hair dryer can generate heat, it is not recommended as a substitute for baking polymer clay.

Difference Between Baking and Curing

Baking polymer clay involves a chemical process called polymerization, where the clay hardens and becomes durable. The heat from an oven ensures that the entire thickness of the clay reaches the necessary temperature for curing.

Limitations of a Hair Dryer

A hair dryer primarily blows hot air onto the surface, which may not be sufficient to achieve proper curing throughout the clay. Using a hair dryer could result in uneven curing, brittleness, or even burning of the clay.


When it comes to curing polymer clay, an oven is the recommended and reliable method. Baking polymer clay at the recommended temperature and duration ensures complete and thorough curing, resulting in durable and long-lasting creations.

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