Do you let polymer clay dry before baking?

Unlike traditional air-dry clays, polymer clay does not need to be dried before baking. In fact, the baking process is what cures and hardens polymer clay, transforming it into a durable and long-lasting material.

Baking for Curing

When working with polymer clay, you should shape and mold the clay to your desired form before baking. Once your creation is ready, it can be placed directly in the oven for baking.

Temperature and Time

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the recommended baking temperature and duration. Polymer clay needs to be heated to a specific temperature to undergo the chemical reaction that results in curing.

Avoid Overbaking

While polymer clay requires baking to cure, overbaking can cause the clay to become brittle or change color. Be sure to adhere to the recommended baking guidelines to achieve the best results.


Unlike air-dry clays, polymer clay is cured through baking. There’s no need to let it dry before baking, as the baking process itself is what transforms the clay into a durable and hardened material.

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