What is velvet underglaze?

Velvet underglaze is a type of ceramic underglaze known for its smooth and soft appearance, resembling the texture of velvet fabric. It is a popular choice among ceramic artists for creating detailed and intricate designs on clay surfaces.

Texture and Application

Velvet underglaze gets its name from its velvety texture when applied. It is often brushed onto the surface of greenware or bisque-fired pottery to create fine lines, intricate patterns, and delicate details.

Color Range

Velvet underglazes are available in a wide range of vibrant colors that can be used alone or layered to achieve various effects. They can be applied to both pottery and ceramic sculptures.


Velvet underglazes are compatible with other types of underglazes, as well as with glazes. They can be layered with transparent or clear glazes to achieve different levels of depth and dimension.


After applying velvet underglaze, the piece is typically fired in a kiln to the appropriate temperature for the clay and underglaze materials used.


Velvet underglaze is a versatile and popular choice for ceramic artists who want to add intricate and velvety-smooth designs to their pottery and sculptures.

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