Why is my polymer clay still bendy after baking?

Discovering that your polymer clay remains flexible and bendy after baking can be frustrating, especially when you were expecting a firm and solid result. Several factors may contribute to this issue, and understanding them can help you achieve better results in your crafting projects.

Baking Temperature and Time

Inadequate baking temperature or insufficient baking time can result in polymer clay not fully curing. Make sure you are following the manufacturer’s instructions for the correct baking temperature and duration.

Thickness of Clay

Thicker pieces of polymer clay take longer to bake and cure properly. If you have thick sections in your project, you might need to increase the baking time accordingly.

Oven Accuracy

Ensure that your oven’s temperature is accurate by using an oven thermometer. Home ovens can sometimes have temperature fluctuations that affect the baking process.


If your polymer clay remains bendy after baking, it’s essential to review your baking process and make adjustments as needed. Proper temperature, time, and thickness considerations will help you achieve the desired results of a firm and durable polymer clay creation.

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