Can you fix glaze crawling?

Glaze crawling is a common issue that potters encounter in ceramics, where the glaze retracts and forms cracks or bare spots on the pottery surface. This can ruin the aesthetics of your piece, but the good news is that glaze crawling can often be fixed.

Causes of Glaze Crawling:

Glaze crawling usually occurs due to poor adhesion of the glaze to the clay surface. Common causes include uneven application, dust or oils on the surface, improper bisque firing, and using glazes with high shrinkage rates.

Fixing Glaze Crawling:

To fix glaze crawling, consider these steps:

  1. Thoroughly clean the pottery surface before applying glaze to ensure no contaminants are present.
  2. Apply a slightly thicker coat of glaze to encourage better adherence.
  3. Adjust firing schedules to allow for proper glaze melting and bonding.
  4. Experiment with glaze recipes or additives that reduce shrinkage and improve adhesion.

Remember, every pottery kiln and glaze combination is unique, so some trial and error may be necessary to find the best solution for your specific case of glaze crawling.

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