Can you skip bisque firing?

Bisque firing, a process of firing pottery to a specific temperature before glazing, is a critical step in ceramics. It helps strengthen the clay, remove physical and chemical water, and prepare the surface for glaze application. While it might be tempting to skip bisque firing to save time, doing so can lead to a host of problems. Let’s explore the importance of bisque firing and the potential consequences of skipping this crucial step.

Strength and Durability

Bisque firing transforms raw clay into a more durable and solid state. Skipping this step can result in weak, fragile pottery that is prone to breaking, cracking, or chipping. Bisque firing not only enhances the structural integrity of the clay but also prevents issues that can arise from firing wet or damp clay directly in the glaze firing.

Moisture and Air Pockets

Firing wet or damp clay in a glaze firing can lead to the rapid release of moisture, which can cause the pottery to explode or crack. Air pockets trapped within the clay can also expand and create problems during firing. Bisque firing ensures that most of the moisture and air pockets have been removed, reducing the risk of such issues.

Glaze Application and Adhesion

Bisque firing prepares the surface of the pottery for glaze application. Skipping bisque firing can lead to poor glaze adhesion, resulting in defects like blistering, crawling, or improper color development. Bisque-fired surfaces provide a porous and stable foundation for glaze to bond effectively.


Bisque firing is a crucial step in ceramics that cannot be skipped without compromising the quality, durability, and overall success of your pottery. The process strengthens the clay, eliminates moisture and air pockets, and prepares the surface for glaze. By understanding the importance of bisque firing and following proper firing practices, you can ensure that your pottery emerges from the kiln in its best possible form, ready to be transformed into stunning and enduring works of art.

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