Can you wipe off underglaze?

Underglaze can often be wiped off the surface of clay when it is still wet, allowing you to correct mistakes or make adjustments to your design.

Wiping Technique

If you’re not satisfied with the placement or appearance of your underglaze, you can use a damp cloth, sponge, or even your fingertip to gently wipe away the underglaze while it is still wet.


Be careful not to wipe too vigorously or to disturb the clay surface. Additionally, wiping off underglaze may leave a faint residue, so testing the technique on a sample piece is advisable.

Drying Stage

Once underglaze has dried, it becomes more resistant to wiping. It’s generally recommended to make any desired corrections while the underglaze is still wet.


Wiping off underglaze is a helpful technique for making adjustments to your design, but exercise caution and practice on test pieces before applying it to your main project.

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