How do you fix glazing mistakes?

We’ve all been there – a glazing mistake can happen to even the most experienced potters. Whether you’ve applied too much glaze, missed a spot, or encountered other issues, there are ways to rectify glazing mistakes and salvage your pottery piece.

Fixing Glazing Mistakes:

Here are some steps you can take to fix glazing mistakes:

  1. If you’ve applied too much glaze, carefully scrape off the excess with a tool or your fingernail.
  2. For missed spots, you can touch up the area with a small brush and matching glaze before refiring.
  3. If the glaze has pooled or dripped, gently sand the area to smooth it out before firing again.
  4. Consider layering another glaze over the mistake to create a new effect or cover the imperfection.

Remember, fixing glazing mistakes requires patience and experimentation. Keep practicing and refining your techniques to achieve the best results.

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