How do you harden polymer clay that is too soft?

Polymer clay is a versatile and popular medium used by artists and crafters to create a wide range of projects. However, there may be instances where your polymer clay is too soft and lacks the desired level of firmness. In this article, we’ll explore techniques and tips to help you harden polymer clay that is too soft, allowing you to achieve the ideal consistency for your creative endeavors.

1. Cooling and Resting

Allowing for Rest:

Giving the clay time to cool:

If your polymer clay feels too soft after conditioning or handling, try placing it in the refrigerator for a short period. Allowing the clay to cool can help firm up its texture and make it easier to work with. After cooling, allow the clay to rest at room temperature before continuing your project.

2. Mixing with Firmer Clay

Blending with Firmer Clay:

Combining with stiffer clay:

If your polymer clay is excessively soft, you can mix it with a firmer or harder type of polymer clay. Knead the two clays together until they are thoroughly blended. This technique can help balance the consistency and provide the desired firmness.

3. Adding Cornstarch

Using Cornstarch Sparingly:

Incorporating cornstarch for texture:

Adding a small amount of cornstarch to soft polymer clay can help absorb excess moisture and improve its texture. Sprinkle a small quantity of cornstarch onto the clay and knead it thoroughly until the desired firmness is achieved. Be cautious not to overdo it, as too much cornstarch can alter the clay’s properties.

4. Baking Adjustments

Re-Baking the Clay:

Using controlled baking:

If your polymer clay remains too soft even after conditioning and handling, you can consider re-baking it at a slightly higher temperature or for a longer duration. Be cautious not to overbake, as excessive heat can cause other issues. Monitor the clay closely during baking and allow it to cool gradually.

5. Polymer Clay Softeners

Using Commercial Softeners:

Exploring specialized products:

There are commercial products available, known as polymer clay softeners or conditioners, that are designed to adjust the texture and firmness of polymer clay. These products can be added in small amounts and kneaded into the clay to achieve the desired consistency.


When faced with polymer clay that is too soft, there are several techniques and tips you can employ to achieve the desired level of firmness. Whether through cooling, blending with firmer clay, adding cornstarch, making baking adjustments, or using polymer clay softeners, you have options to tailor the clay’s texture to your needs. By experimenting with these techniques and finding the right approach for your specific situation, you can successfully harden your polymer clay and create projects that showcase your creativity and craftsmanship.

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